About the Studio

A Distributed Team

At Lioncastle, we're dedicated to getting you the best results possible, and we've found that the best way to do that is to hire specialists depending on each projects' needs. In our connected world, why wouldn't you want to utilize the most talented designers, developers, and creatives around the world?

We will always assemble the best available talent for your budget and needs.

And no, we don't just go overseas just to cut costs and pocket your money. It's all about finding the right talent to fit for your needs, whether they live down the street or across the globe. Plus, we don't want to inflate your costs by hiring overpriced talent. 

Why not assemble your own team?

You may be wondering why you would work with us instead of assembling a team yourselves. We’re experts at finding, hiring, and managing remote workers. We’ll take on the risks while you avoid the headaches.

For example, if a designer isn’t working for you, you would have to go through the process of finding, interviewing, hiring, training, and managing someone new. These kinds of issues could delay your project by weeks or even months, but when you work with Lioncastle, these kinds of issues will be resolved without affecting your timeline, your sleep, or your budget.

Speaking of budgets... How does pricing work?

Well, before we can take on any new client, we have to complete a Brand Strategy Diagnostic as a way to get to know the goals you're facing and determine how we can help you. This is critical and cannot be skipped. If you "just want a logo" or "just want a website", we'd be happy to refer you to someone that might be a better fit.

The Brand Strategy Diagnostic starts with a 90 minute initial meeting where we walk you through a process of discovery to understand your business goals, clarify key elements of your brand, and begin the conversation on potential solutions. Next we'll do some research over the next week, and give our suggestions in a short, interactive presentation. After that, you'll be free to choose which suggestions you'd like us to execute on, and we'll work together to outline the scope of the project at an acceptable rate.

The Brand Strategy Diagnostic currently costs $495. Most of our clients end up thinking we're not charging enough, and we guarantee you'll be happy with this process: if you're the first one to feel like you've wasted money on our Brand Strategy Diagnostic, we'll give you a full refund. 

Pricing completely varies based on your specific business and the project you have in mind, but the typical minimum budget we can work with is $500/wk for the duration of the project. In other words, if your project is expected to take 12 weeks, the minimum cost would be $6000.

Not sounding like it's a good fit? Read this before leaving.

If we're outside your budget or if you're looking for a short-term project that might be better suited for an individual freelancer, please still reach out to us because we would be happy to connect you with someone or point you in the right direction. We care about our freelancers, and if you want to work with them directly, we're happy to give them the business! 

More questions? Send us an email us at josh@lioncastlecreative.com or visit our contact page for more options.


Our Founders


Josh Ellis
CEO / Principal

At his core, Josh is passionate about seeing others achieve their goals. That means he will do whatever it takes to turn your goals into a concrete strategy that transforms into tangible creatives.

His main goal: Making sure your project is successful.


Josh has been designing for over 15 years, starting as a freelancer out of his bedroom in high school. After college, he gained invaluable experience working on large-scale international undertakings and weekly time-sensitive projects as the Senior Designer at a 7000+ attendee multi-campus church. Next, he worked up from a designer to the position of Marketing Strategist at an agency in northern California.


Chris Hull
CMO / Executive Producer

Chris gets excited about helping people get the results that they're looking for. He will do whatever is necessary to ensure your project is delivered on time and that you're happy every step of the way.

His main goal: Making sure you're thrilled with the results.


Chris has been involved with production and sales for the last 7 years. Through that time, he has worked with a wide array of clients, from technology startups, dance companies, and Fortune 500 companies. Wherever Chris is involved, he always achieves his goal that every client becomes a raving fan of the results that are produced.