Celebration Church


Celebration is a church in San Juan Capistrano, CA.

They wanted to do a full brand refresh because their old branding was over 10 years old, and they had just merged with another church. They wanted to create visuals and strategy that their congregation could rally around together.

Celebration also required a website refresh as a part of the project.

We are a passionate family of dreamers united in God’s presence, liberated by his love, and destined to change our world.

The Identity Statement

During the strategy and discovery process, the key words celebration wanted to present as a brand were family, freedom, and love. Secondary to those were words and ideas like passion, destiny, and hope.

From there, we developed this identity statement that is used as a reference point for their brand and a beautiful statement for their congregation to represent.


The Logo

Above, you can see the previous logo and the final logo from the project.

We originally presented three different concepts, and this final logo has a combination of those initial concepts.

Here are some of the elements that are a part of this design:


The cross is rendered in a handdrawn style to create a sense of humanity that you wouldn't feel with a more clean-cut design.


Using the cross as the main symbol creates an inherent familiarity with the logo because it is a symbol that has united people for centuries.

Typeface Selection

The main typeface is both rounded and lowercase in order to give a welcoming feeling and portray the family element that is a core part of the church. In contrast, the word "church" is presented as uppercase and non-rounded mainly to allow readability at smaller sizes but also to make sure the word "celebration" is the main element.

Attention to Detail

The background of the cross is light gray and rounded because it's meant to fit well with the concepts of clouds and sky which are both key metaphors in Celebration's overal brand. 

Color Selection

When doing a rebrand, we often like to preserve some elements of the old brand in order to create a sense of legacy and ensure the new logo feels familiar.

In this case, we chose to preserve the color combination of blue and orange while modernizing the specific shades.


We intentionally developed this branding so that Celebration can replace the word "church" with campus names if they launch new locations as they continue to grow.

CC-Locations-los angeles
CC-Locations-san diego
CC-Locations-costa mesa

Other Brand Elements


Bold visuals and ambitious statements to inspire.

Paint elements and type to give a sense of humanity.


Handdrawn elements on the map to make it feel like a friend gave directions.

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